Nat Tilden


Born in Portland, Oregon rainy days were always a great excuse for staying inside and drawing.  Heck, summer days were also largely spent on these activities!  When I wasn’t drawing characters from my favorite books and cartoons, or building vehicles and elaborate dioramas out of Lego, cardboard, and paper mâché I was taking photography, ceramics, painting, or animation classes at school, the Portland Art Museum, and Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Creating art has been the one constant in my life, from my earliest memories to the present day.

I'm currently focused on sculpture and painting.  My sculptures are made with steel, automotive paints, and wood, and my paintings done in watercolor or acrylic. With my sculptures I aim to create strong, vibrant, geometric arrangements that satisfy my perfectionist side.  Precisionism has been a life-long influence – at times a challenge to overcome, and other times a tether holding me back.  Artists such as Frank Stella, KAWS, and Al Held have been influential in informing my aesthetic style.

Because my steel sculptures are so physically taxing to make I use watercolor as a "low impact" medium when my body needs a break.  I also appreciate the mental shift from the precise nature of my sculptural work.  I'm currently focused on a series of  works centered around vintage autos.